Juggling Balls

Difficulty: Novice (simple)
Materials Needed (per ball):
(51) 14 gauge (.08") 3/8" ID Rings (galvanized steel)
(68) 16 gauge (.064") 5/16" ID Rings (stainless steel)
(34) 16 gauge (.064") 1/4" ID Rings (nickel silver)
(34) 16 gauge (.064") 1/4" ID Rings (brass)
(68) 18 gauge (.048") 3/16" ID Rings (bronze)
(2) 16 gauge (.064") 7/16" ID Rings (brass)
Sufficient Cloth, Leather, etc. to stuff the ball. I use simple cotton. Tools Needed:
(2) Pair of pliers
Weave Knowledge Needed:
• European 4-1

Step One:
These instructions are for creating 1 juggling ball. If you can juggle more than one ball, just repeat them multiple times! I recomend doing each step for all the balls you are creating before moving on to the next step, as I find it to be faster.
First, make a three row wide strip of European 4-1 from the 14 gauge 3/8 ID rings. It should be 17 rings long (16 rings in the middle row). This should take 50 of the 51 rings, make sure to save the last one for when we attach this strip into a loop later. The same goes for all the extra rings you should end up with as we engage in the first four steps.

Step Two:
Now, on each side of the strip from step one add two more rows of European 4-1, this time using the 16 gauge 5/16 ID rings. This should take 66 rings, leaving 2 extras.

Step Three:
Now, on each side of the piece add another row, this time using the 16 gauge 1/4" ID (nickel silver) rings. This should take 32 rings, leaving 2 extras. Now add one more row on each side of 16 gauge 1/4" ID (brass) rings. This should take all 34 rings.

Step Four:
Noticing a pattern? Well, this is the last time. Add two more rows on each side, this time using the 18 gauge 3/16" ID rings. This should take 66 of the 68 rings.

Step Five:
Okay, now that we have the bulk of our ball made, we just need to close things up. The first step in this is to add the end rings. Take 1 of the 16 gauge 7/16" ID rings and put it through all 17 of the 18 gauge 3/16" rings on one side of the ball. Close it, and repeat on the other side.

Step Six:
Now, we need to use some of those extra rings from before. On each side, connect the 18 gauge 3/16" ID rows into full circles. Repeat this for the 16 gauge 1/4" ID rings. This should leave a hole in the middle of your ball.

Step Seven:
Now, taking advantage of the oppotunity, stuff that hole with the cloth, or whatever stuffing material you're using, until a nice full ball shape is formed.

Step Eight:
Almost there! Just take those last 3 extra rings and connect the last rows and close up that hole, with the stuffing inside, and you're done!

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