Handmade Chain Mail Jewelry and Chains by Maile of the Dreamseeker

Handmade Chainmail Jewelry including Wallet Chains, Necklaces, Tie Chains, and more.

Catalog of Pre-Designed Chain Mail Jewelry and Chains in Sterling, Gold, and Titanium Handcrafted Chainmail Clothing and Jewelry Gallery Handcrafted Custom Chainmaille Jewelry

Welcome to Maile of the Dreamseeker! For those of you who are not familiar with chainmail (or chain mail, chain maille, etc.) it is the art of knitting metal rings. The techniques for making chainmail were originally devloped to produce armor using a very limited number of patterns. In more recent years, artisans like me have realized the potential for chain mail as a jewelry medium. Using over a dozen different metals (including sterling silver, anodized titanium, bronze, copper, steel, and gold) I hand craft chain mail necklaces and bracelets, earrings and pendants, and men's jewelry such as tie chains and wallet chains. I also create custom pieces including handflowers, headdresses, and everything else you can think to make with maille. I hope you enjoy browsing my site!

Byzantine Weave Chainmail Bracelet

Site last updated on 2/18/2006.

The above collage was created by Barry Woodham, Thanks!

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