Handmade Chainmail Clothing and Jewelry Catalog Title
Chainmaile Clothing including Belts, Hand Flowers, Headdresses, and Shirts
Please note that these items are not currently available.
Serpentine Chainmail Rope
Sterling Silver Wedding Headdress Handmade from Silver and Moonstone

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Chainmaile Headdresses

One of the most artisitic and expressive pieces of chainmaile clothing is the headdress. While I hope at some point in the future to have a selection of pre-designed headdresses, for now I only make them by custom order, allowing me to shape the piece to your exact needs. To discuss ordering a chainmail headdress, e-mail custom@maileofthedreamseeker.com.

Chainmail Headdresses
Chain Mail Tank Top in Stainless Steel

Handmade Chainmail Shirt made from Stainless Steel

Oriental 3-1 Sleeveless

This design is at once simple and unique. It is made to go over another shirt or tank top, and the open weave makes it light weight to allow for the long-term comfort that a heavier piece would not. Like all my shirts, I custom make these to whatever size you desire. This assures not only that it will fit, but it also means you can have it as long or short as you want. I may even be willing to play with some of the details, like the width of the shoulder straps, the cut of the neck, etc, just ask. Prices vary directly according to size and length specifications, so you will need to e-mail for an exact quote. Prices start at around $300 for Stainless Steel (shown), $360 for Brass or Bronze, and $450 for Anodized Aluminum (Black, Blue, Green, Gold, Purple or Red).

Handmade Chain Mail Handflowers
Oriental Weave Chainmail Hand Flower

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Chainmail Hand Flowers

Hand Flowers are an extremely popular form of chainmail that strays a bit further from the realm of traditional jewelry than most of my pieces. I have not yet added any hand flowers to my catalog, but they are available by custom order, just e-mail custom@maileofthedreamseeker.com. I have also been known to, on occasion, make "foot flowers."

Chainmail Belts
Brass Queen's Braid 51

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Long Rope Belts

Long belts made to hang down to the knee are a classic Renaissance style. My version of these belts can be made from any of the weaves on my ropes page, and the 'buckle' end is finished off with an extra large ring to tie the belt through. The easiest way to order these is to use the shopping cart in the ropes section and choose the "ring for tying belt" for the finding. The belt pictured to the left is 51" long and made from the Queen's Braid weave. It is width large (11mm), made from brass, and would cost $63.75.

Chainmail Armor
Chain Mail Hauberk and Coif in Galvanized Steel and Bronze

Handmade Chainmail Shirt

The European 4-1 Shirt

This is probably the most basic, and also the most versatile style of chainmaile shirt. Depending on ring size and material this can be made as everything from lightweight costuming to combat ready armor. I make three different styles of this shirt, the vest, the shirt, and the hauberk. The vest is waist length with no sleeves, the shirt is just past waist length with short sleeves, and the hauberk also has short sleeves, but comes down to just above the knees and is split down the middle to allow for movement. Pictured is a steel hauberk with bronze trim, custom shaped thigh-guards, and a matching coif. For a price quote for a shirt in your size, just e-mail me. Note that depending on my current time constraints these shirts are not always available.

Handmade Chainmail Clothing including Shirts, Belts, Hand Flowers and Headdresses