Handmade Custom Jewelry by Maile of the Dreamseeker

Custom Chainmail Jewelry Title

Making custom pieces for my customers is probably my favorite part of making chainmaile. Having your creativity challenge my skill, experience and artistry to their limits while creating that exact piece that you are looking for is a dream and a thrill. Of course, simply making minor variations on my catalog pieces is welcome as well, and I don't charge extra just because it is custom work.

When it comes to custom orders, anything goes. Just let me know about the design that's burning in your mind. I can start helping you design your custom piece with anything from a vague written description to a pencil sketch or a detailed blueprint. Don't worry if you're only just starting to form your idea - e-mail me anyway - I would love to talk to you and, if you want, help in your creative process.

Below you will find some pictures of a random custom piece that I have made. Maybe it will give you a bit of inspiration for your own piece. If you're interested in taking a look at other pieces that I've made, which may or may not be listed in my sales section, make sure to visit The Gallery.

This necklace was made for a young lady named Jenn to wear for a formal dinner on a cruise to Alaska. The piece is one of my most unique. It is made from Sterling Silver, 12kt Goldfill, and Yellow Quartz, and all the curves are held purely by the way the chains are attached, no soldering, no wiring. I also made her a bracelet to match that has two strands of goldfill King's Braid surrounding a strand of sterling Byzantine.

Sterling Silver and 12k Goldfilled Custom Necklace with Yellow Quartz Custom Chainmail Necklace made from the Byzantine and King's Braid Weaves Custom Chain Mail Jewelry by Maile of the Dreamseeker - S-curve Necklace