Handmade Chain Mail Jewelry and Chains by Maile of the Dreamseeker

Please note that due to my work load I am no longer accepting new orders. To all my customers, thank you very much for your patronage, It has been wonderful making jewelry for you.
My instructions site has moved. You can now find it at: www.maileofthedreamseeker.com/instructions/.
My inlays site has moved to www.maileofthedreamseeker.com/inlays/.

Handmade Chainmail Jewelry including Wallet Chains, Necklaces, Tie Chains, and more.

Catalog of Pre-Designed Chain Mail Jewelry and Chains in Sterling, Gold, and Titanium Handcrafted Chainmail Clothing and Jewelry Gallery Handcrafted Custom Chainmaille Jewelry

Welcome to Maile of the Dreamseeker! Chainmail (or Chain Maille, Chain Maile etc.) is the ancient art of knitting metal rings. I strive to design high quality, simple and elegant jewelry using this unique art. All the jewelry found on my site is made from individually hand woven rings of silver, steel, titanium, gold or one of the numerous other metals found on the materials page.

Byzantine Weave Chainmail Bracelet

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